#1.02 Guillaume Cailleau + Werner Dafeldecker

LaborBerlin’s Loop Orchestrator Guillaume Cailleau collaborates with Werner Dafeldecker on a live cinema performance this upcoming Saturday at Regenbogen Kino, starting 8:30pm. The performance will be followed by a concert by the French musician Antez. Clearly a MUST-see for radical cinephiles!

# 1.02
Performance by Guillaume Cailleau and Werner Dafeldecker
(2 super 8 projectors with loops and feedback mixer. 15 min.)

Tangible sound, beating under the skin, wrapped into an envelope of stereo film projection. The sound is accomplished within the vibrating human body, elevating it in its firm grip, allowing to transcend into a different space/time. Two super 8mm projectors create a vibrating space for this body, wrapping it in the pulsing of colors, the interfering frequencies of light. A transcendent analogue experience, physical, radical, handmade, and live.

Regenbogen Kino
Saturday October 29th, 8:30 PM
Lausitzer str. 22 in Berlin Kreuzberg
facebook event


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