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  • Die Ästhetik der Überraschung
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  • Von den Anfängen…und heute. Screening im Regenbogen Kino 2012
  • Intricate Machines 2011
  • Cut+Run and FLEX FEST 2011
  • Analógika Screening 2011
  • Diffraktion 2011
  • Opening Night 2010
  • Workshops

  • LaborBerlin beim Stuttgarter Filmwinter, with Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzales Monroy, 2012
  • LABeirut Film Workshop, with Michel Balague and Philip Widmann 2012
  • Corpo Sensível, workshop with Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn, Brasil 2011
  • Reversal Handwork: 16mm film workshop by Richard Tuohy 2011
  • Filmlabs Meeting Zagreb 2011
  • Hand Over Cinema. Workshop in Athen, mit LabA 2011
  • Their Attack is Our Escape. Collage and the Undead Film: A Workshop 2011
  • Fastforward. Rewind 2011
  • S-8 Kinoworkshop in Bremen 2011
  • Cinematic Cartographies 2011
  • Analógika Workshop 2011
  • Crass Animation Workshop 2011
  • Workshop in Neukoelln 2010
  • Bolex Workshop 2010
  • Interflugs Workshop 2009
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    1 Response to “Archive”

    1. 1 micah magee 22/10/2013 at 14:29

      hello! florian zeyfang and I are teaching an analogue course with students from umea art academy and the dffb – would you have time for us to stop by the lab with them on november 13th while our films develop to introduce them to you and your work in case they would love to keep working in this way when our one-week workshop is done? is there a phone number i could call? yours truly Micah 015787920033

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