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LaborBerlin meets Kinolab

LaborBerlin joins local lab, KinoLab to present two days of talks and screenings in Bogota, Colombia. The event is hosted by the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. On Friday March 23rd Juan David Gonzalez and Anja Dornieden will present a talk about the independent film lab model and the creative possibilities of working with 16mm and super8. Then they will project a selection of their recent films and of those by members and friends of LaborBerlin. On Saturday Colombian filmmaker Dairo Cervantes will give a talk on the advantage of using super8 to make short fiction films and screen three of his films. Finally there will be a screening of films by film students of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.


Videos of Diffraktion 2012




Documentation by Andreas Kebschull

Photos of Diffraktion 2012

Photo by Teresa Delgado

Members of LaborBerlin introducing the screening program. Photo by Andreas Kebschull

Drowning Sun. Photo by Joe Kake

Nr.8. Photo by Joe Kake

Steinbergkurve. Photo by Joe Kake

Smart Phone. Photo by Juan David Gonzalez Monroy

Chéri Chéri. Photo by Andreas Kebschull

ChériChéri. Photo by Paul Prendergast

My vomit. Photo by Paul Prendergast